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Escape Peccioli

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Intro to the Escape City


WELCOME TO ESCAPE PECCIOLI! WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? A treasure hunt unravels outdoors in the streets of Peccioli. Teamwork makes it even more fun! A strong connection with what’s going on around you is needed to complete it - you’ll need to care for every little detail! Do you have your map? If so, keep on reading; if not, go to the tourist office in Peccioli and ask for it - it’s free. Have fun! 

LET'S GO! The Giants are sisters and brothers coming from the Moon who have descended to Peccioli during the 11Lune festivals - which take place in Peccioli from Summer to Winter - as to explore the town so closely tied to their homeplace (for Lune means Moons). Its beauty enchanted them, thanks to its many colours, history, to its magic and artworks scattered all around Peccioli.

At the start, the visiting Giants were 5, 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Hyperion, the older brother, had been so struck by Peccioli - not in small part by its energetic resources and geographical location - that he wanted to get ahold of it to jumpstart his conquering of our planet, for the Earth is so much more fertile than the Moon. His greediness and thirst for power pushed him against his own brothers. The other Giants admired Peccioli so much that they wished to live in it all together harmoniously with the locals, and to help the town grow.


Hyperion, driven by anger, thought: if I can’t have Peccioli all for myself, then no one can! Because of this he struck the town belltower with his thunder. The belltower, which was so dearly regarded by the locals as a symbol of the town, partially collapsed, and the townspeople took refuge inside of tuff caves. All of Peccioli took the blow and the signs of its demise you still can see today.


The other 4 Giants tried to protect the town and managed to put their brother to flight - for now - after a long battle. They too fell under Hyperion’s spell, though, and are now bound to earth to no avail. Only one Giant was not affected and still roams these territories. He alone surely cannot win over Hyperion once and for all, nor can he free his brothers. 

Here you come into play! 


On your way you will meet some of the Giants as they will tell you more of their story and guide your help. Take leave, now; treasure the history and the amenities in Peccioli, and start this new adventure!

The story of this Escape City, organized by DiverCity, was created by a team of creative people; the names of the Giants are fictitious and any references to real events and/or real people are to be considered purely coincidental.


STEP 1: Timeless Palace


The Palazzo senza Tempo is a historical building which used to host a farm called ‘Fattoria di Peccioli’. It has seen our Giants pass by. Not only that; through the years it has sat in the hands of a host of aristocratic families such as the Salviati, Almeni and Dufour-Berte.

Divercity has tried to recover its history by listening to first-hand accounts from the people who have lived here from after the War until 2013.


Thanks to a collaboration with Fondazione Peccioli Per we can now listen to these memoirs in the 2nd part of the #podcast Cartoline Senza Tempo.

Let’s now leave the podcast aside as we look for some key details…


Two initials are hidden in one facade of the palace: find them! What are they?

The hidden letters are... (use capslock)

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue


Help 1

These initials belong to the surname of one of the aforementioned families living in the palace!

Help 2

To get the first initial, think of a very famous candy brand.

Help jolly

The iron frame hiding the initials is visible on the entrance in Via Carraia.

Solution: DB

Now use these letters to complete the directions and go find one of the giants under the spell. In order to find it, you will have to continue straight _own Via Carraia, and at the crossroads turn left until you reach the place where the 11Lune summer festival comes to life. _e quick!

STEP 2: Amphitheater


Here we are! In this magical place so beloved by the Giants, time has come to get to know one of them. Listen to his words:

 Firstly, can you tell me towards which direction I face?”


I'm going towards...

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue


Help 1

Where the sun sets



Answer this question now: As the giant said before... 
What is not there when Absence is present?

The answer is...

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 2

It is the title of the artistic installations commonly called "giants" by Naturaliter group.

Solution and part of the spell: IDE


Now show off your hero pose standing next to the giant Mimas and take a picture (if you like, share it by tagging your @divercityeu friends) before continuing on your journey.

Take the way to the multi-parking;
climb the tower which reflects you most:
you will find the enchantment and magic
of a hidden terrace that never gets old

STEP 3: Timeless palace Terrace


From the terrace you can see six of them,

framed and black - how could it be?

These are the eyes of the building

jutting forward like a terrace.

 What are they?

They are...

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue




SPEAKING OF THAT! Now go to the art installation linked to the solution of this riddle:


Two well defended windows,

they are open during the day.

But when night comes

these doors get barred.

What are they?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue


Help 1

We all have two.

Help 2

There are many of them at the crossroads between Via Borgherucci and Via del Giardino.

Solution and part of the spell: AS

Now go to Via Borgherucci near Vittorio Corsini's artwork

STEP 4: Lo sguardo di Peccioli


These are the eyes of the people of Peccioli who have already joined the battle alongside our Giant friends.

Now it is your time!

Join them by taking a picture of your eyes, using the wall pattern that you can find on your map.

Upload the shot below to continue: then proceed to the elevated square of Centro Polivalente until you spot a large and uncommon mirror on the wall.

The new part of the spell is: ARE

STEP 5: Mirror


At night, Giants can observe the reflection of their own home, the Moon. How many squares are embedded in the mirror?

How many?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 1

Not all squares are the same size!

Help 2

Beware of triangles.

Help jolly


Solution and part of spell: MEA


Did you know that the tallest and most symbolic building in Peccioli is also 42 meters high? Head there to continue the journey!

STEP 6: Belltower


The belltower of Peccioli is also known as “the belltower of fur”: why is that? Choose the correct answer:

A:  For the dark color of the stone used resembles pelt.

B: Because of the grass blade that grew on the stone creating a sort of a coat.

C: Because during the construction works it was covered with fur in order to protect it and display the town prosperity.

What is the correct option?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Solution and part of the spell:  NT

Now go to Via Corbiano, where you will find one of the “chiassi a fil di luce”: you need to take a closer look at a particular board.

STEP 7: Chiassi a fil di luce!


In italian we say "fare un _ _ _ _ _ da Gigante", which means: making great and rapid progress as if you were a giant. In order to complete the italian saying identify the missing word: compare the letters of the board with the missing one on the Cassiopeia constellation on the map. 

After that, rearrange the letters in order to make a proper word, starting from letter P.

The word is...

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 1

 it leaves a mark and it can be either fast or slow

Help 2

riga 9, lettera 4 | riga 7, lettera 1 | riga 3, lettera 3 | riga 10, lettera 2 | riga 12, lettera 5

Solution and part of the spell: TO

PASSO = step

After talking about constellations, it is time to reach the Del Carmine church while still looking at the sky… More or less so.

STEP 8: "del Carmine" Church


Among all the beauties of Peccioli, the Giants have found in the church Del Carmine a detail that makes them feel at home… What is it?

Do you see it?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 1

It sits on the front window

Help 2

It shines at night not of its own light

Solution and part of the spell: BE


The times where the Giants wandered free in the land are now over. Next to the church there is a very colorful place that still shows signs of the fatal passage of the Evil giants, Hyperion.

STEP 9: Ex-Cinema Passerotti


The Giant’s wrath has destroyed a very dear place for the citizens of Peccioli: the ex- Passerotti theater, a community center whose facade glistens of colors and props of every kind.

Among the whole of them, one stands out:


I am one of a kind:

I stay at home when the weather is nice 

and I go out when it rains;

I have rays but I don't shine.

Who am I?

What are we talking about?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Solution and part of the spell: SHA


Oh MY! It’s time to go back to town, but where precisely? Solve this riddle told by the magic u_______a to understand it.


I’m missing a piece

the Giant has gone by

and now I'm cut in half:

the handle has flown away…

but in Bastioni street

we’ll meet again.

Help 1

You’ll find me inset in the wall

Help 2

You’ll find me on the crossroad between Bastioni Street and Pitti alley

Help 3

street number 8

STEP 10: Via Bastioni


Hyperion, fighting against his brothers and sister, had realized that he was about to be overwhelmed. Blinded by rage, he attempted to attack them with lightnings. One of these left a particular imprint on the ground, so much so that the name of the street almost recalls what is depicted on the wall.

The village community, instead of being intimidated, transformed this sign of anger into a symbol of hope. Then complete the rhyme:

This AAAAA you see pictured

a great power he has given us:

be united and never divided,

be friends and never enemies:

its purpose is to be of sBpBoBt

and we - just like it - will keep our commitment.

What are the two words?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Solution and part of the spell: RED


Have a guessing game:


Peccioli has another type of "support":

it's not in the wall, it's not arched and it's not made of wood.

The structure is tall and recently born:

it represents the end of our game.

Taking a walk there is spectacular

moreover with an amazing view.

What is that?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 1

Endless Sunset...

Help 2

You can find it at the third level of the car park


it's the landscape WALKWAY called 'Endless Sunset' - not recommended to those who fear heights!

STEP 11: Walkway


Listen to what the giant has to say, you've almost defeated Hyperion! 


The drawing in the map lacks two elements that make Peccioli very characteristic.


What are those two elements?

Well done! Click on the solution button to continue

Help 1

It rings every hour

Help 2

Sadness is not a square, but...


Belltower; Happiness is a way

STEP 12: Grand finale! What now?

Write down the spell that you have used to chain down Hyperion (Did you know that this is Divercity's motto?):

Well done! Now listen to Teti's goodbye, leave Hyperion behind and go get your present!

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