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This module explores some fundamental aspects of the European Union, such as its history and institutions, while leading students on a path of analysis and awareness of the meaning of democracy and the value of being European citizens.


History of the European Union

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The European Union is a constantly evolving international organization. But where did the idea come from? What did the structure initially look like? When did we become an "Union"? What are the most important historical and political events from its origins to the present? 

European Institutions


The European Union is a complex organization made up of several institutions with different roles and functions. The decision-making, executive and judicial systems of Europe work thanks to the synergy of all these institutions. What are they and what do the treaties say about them? Find it out in this lesson!

The European Parliament


We'll analyze the role and composition of the only elected body of the European Union. Through the study of the European Parliament’s history and its role today, 

Democracy in the European Union


Has european democracy reached the end of the line? Are there new ways and means to implement it? Starting from the words of Altiero Spinelli, our intention is to analyse contemporary issues and political challenges, through the lens of history.

The EU in our lives


We often hear about the European Union, its institutions and its laws as something political but distant from the daily life of each of us. But is it really like that?

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