How to use DiverCity



Go to the Home page of the website


Click on "PRESENTA LA TUA IDEA" or scroll down to the bottom of the Home page


Fill out the form with your name, surname, email address, your occupation and a breef description of your idea.


Wait for our feedback and other user's feedback


Start a constructing discussion to implement your projects in the comments

Be active, propositive and kind.
Help the other users and don't be rude.


How will you help me realize my project?

Our goal is to get you in touch with the people whom can help you in the realization of your creative and sustainable idea. We will support you throughout the whole journey with meetings and plan organisation, helping you with our knowledge of media as we will provide you your first presentation video and the promotional material to publicize your idea.

Is DiverCity available in all cities?

DiverCity is currently active in many cities in Italy thanks to its network of members. We have active associates in Piacenza, Milano, Bologna, Trieste, Pisa, Volterra and Pontedera. We are still available and ready to help you even if you don't live in one of these cities, you just have to upload your idea to the website and you'll be immediately supported by our team.

Must I subscribe in order to publish my idea?

NO! You just have to write your idea in the specific section (at the bottom of the Home page) along with your name and your email address, just the minimum information for us to contact you.

Do I have to pay to propose my project?

Absolutely not, there is no fee for the publication of your ideas.