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What is DiverCity

Aggiornato il: 19 lug 2018

Discover our platform

The Divercity aims at boosting active citizenship, allowing a consistent, sustainable and creative transformation of our neighbourhood and city

A mobile friendly website will be available to everyone

who feels the need to change something in his/her city.

DiverCITY was born during the European Youth

Parliament - International Session in Brno.

During the Active Citizenship Night all the participants

were divided in groups and started working on

a project connected to the above-mentioned theme.

After an online-voting procedure Divercity won

the european funds for the best project.

DiverCITY strives for being a platform where citizens can freely present any project aimed at enriching the

city with creative and sustainable initiatives.

Concrete and effective projects.

User feedback and teamwork will be the two fundamental ingredients in order to implement the project. Connecting ideas and boosting creativity:

this is all about “empowering citizens”

Our final aim is reaching as many people as possible in order to ensure that a profitable connection of ideas takes place, bringing about the implementation of the projects.

Users’ feedback will encourage changes in the projects and build up a team with various and helpful skills.

From idea to team, from team to project.

DiverCity strives for being an instrument in the hands of creative citizens willingful to help and innovate their cities.

Our ambition is to take root in the Province of Piacenza and then embrace different cities all around Italy and Europe.

That’s why moderators will be essential.

The platform will be divided in topics and the moderator will be responsible for a fruitful dialogue between the users.

Growing thanks to human resources in our working group, this is our vision.

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